The car hobby is over 100 years old and we've seen how the passion of one generation is passed on to subsequent generations because the car hobby truly is one of the few activities that the whole family can participate in and enjoy.

The Car Crazy TV show, radio show and now the Car Crazy Central web site are the result of 100 years of Meguiar's family passion for great looking cars. Our roots go back to 1901 when Barry Meguiar's grandfather started a polish company when the car hobby was in its earliest stages.

For Barry Meguiar, his whole life has been spent loving and caring for cars. But what makes Barry so unique, is his burning passion to expand the hobby. For decades he's traveled all over the planet sharing his passion for cars and supporting car clubs, automotive events and museums.

Now, with the power of the Internet and our new generation phones, Barry sees this as the perfect opportunity to unite tens of millions of us around the world who are car guys and gals, using cutting edge technology.What you see today on this web site, is only the beginning of what Car Crazy Central is going to deliver to you.

Clubs and Organizations
The car hobby is a grass roots hobby. We owe much of what we enjoy today to those who started local car clubs, those who financed automotive museums, those artisans who know how to restore or modify cars and those who report to us about the car hobby through magazines, radio, TV and now the Internet. To help get to know all these great organizations and all they have to offer, we are going to add a massive search directory in early 2006 that will allow you to even enjoy short videos on these organizations. If you are part of any these organizations, please contact us and tell us who you are.
May 30-31
Pep Boys LA
Los Angeles, CA
June 3-4-5
Wal-Mart Shareholders meeting
Lafayette, AR
June 5-6-7
Carlisle All-Ford
Carlisle, PA
June 5-6-7
York, PA
June 7th
Los Angeles Concours
Los Angeles, CA
June 12-13-14
Goodguys- Indianapolis, IN.
Indianapolis, IN
June 14th
Concours de Nice
Costa Mesa, CA
June 19-20-21
Back to the 50's
Shoreview, MN
June 20-21
LA Roadster
Pomona, CA
June 25-26-27-28
Bloomington Gold
Bloomington, IL
June 26-27-28
Goodguys- Rhinebeck
Rhinebeck, NY
June 26-27-28
Carlisle-All GM
Carlisle, PA
June 28th
Palo Alto Concours
Palo Alto, CA
June 28th
Woodies on the Wharf
Santa Cruz, CA

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