Welcome to Car Crazy Central
Somewhere in Southern California – a world of movies, magic, and make believe – is Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage, a place not without its fair share of magic itself. Spread across two low-slung buildings cooked by the sun, is one of the world's great car collections and one of the world's best-equipped garages custom-built from the ground up to keep everything running in tip-top shape.

The garage itself is about 17,000 square feet, sizeable, to say the least, for a private garage, which is enough space to work on about a dozen cars at any one given time. About a quarter of that space is taken up by the machine shop, which includes a massive amount of equipment.

Since you can't exactly go down to the local auto shop for parts from pre-teen cars, the garage is geared up to fabricate parts and do just about all required work in house: a CNC Mill, a water jet cutter, sheet metal equipment, a lathe, a regular mill, and welding equipment from Tig and Mig to name some shop highlights.

The garage is also home to a gourmet kitchen where Jay shows off his culinary skills for his staff and other visitors. Besides being an avid car collector and mechanic, Jay also likes to cook and can often be found preparing food, especially when on hiatus from The Tonight Show.

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